Weight Loss & Fat-Dissolving Clinic

At Visage Aesthetics, we are delighted to announce a new service beginning 2020

We will now be able to offer two different weight loss and fat-dissolving treatments to cater to all body types.

Weight Loss ‘Jabs’ Vs. Fat-Dissolving Injections

After a face-to-face consultation with Dr Michael Aicken, to discuss treatment options, patients will then be offered either weight loss ‘jabs’ or fat-dissolving injections.

If you meet the eligibility criteria (BMI of at least 27), you may be eligible for weight loss jabs. These are a medication specially made to mimic the natural chemical made by your stomach to tell your brain that it is full and it’s therefore time to stop eating. Clients who meet the criteria for this medication are then shown how to administer it and how to order their monthly supply. So far, users of this treatment are boasting up to 5kg weight loss per week.

Find out your BMI using this NHS online calculator (it takes less than one minute).

If not meeting the strict criteria to start the weight-loss jabs – not to worry! We have another great option, designed to dissolve areas of stubborn fat in patients who have lost weight but still struggle to shift it in one or two areas, such as the double-chin, backs of the arms, inner or outer thighs, abdomen, upper back (bra strap area), lower back (love handles) and knees. This is another naturally occurring substance, normally made inside the body by the liver, which permanently destroys fat cells when it comes into contact with them. This substance is called deoxycholic acid and the most popular brand names currently are Aqualyx & Deso.

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Frequently Asked Questions (skinny jabs)

Q: Can anyone get these skinny jabs?
A: No. There are strict guidelines as to who can receive this treatment. A simplified version of the guidelines (to be discussed in more depth with your practitioner), are that, to qualify, you must have a BMI of at least 27. If your BMI is below 27, you may wish instead to consider Fat-Dissolving Injections (Aqualyx / Deso), which can be carried out at the same clinic.

Q: Is there much downtime with the skinny jabs ?
A: No. It’s a daily small injection that you give yourself (after receiving a consultation and training from our General Practitioner, Dr Michael Aicken). Some patients experience some nausea for the first 5-7 days, which is limited by taking it at bedtime.

Q: How much do the jabs cost?
A: £450/month but many patients will reduce their dose after achieving their desired weight and decide to then change to a once every other day regimen, or even less often if desired.

Q: Do I need to attend for a face-to-face consultation?
A: Yes, you will need to attend for a short initial consultation before this medicine can be prescribed for you.

Q: When can I come for a consultation?
A: Email [email protected] for dates or look for upcoming clinics here. Once you request a clinic appointment, we’ll email you with more information and a link to pay the £50 consultation / booking fee. The consultation fee / booking fee is included in he price of your 1st month’s treatment.

Q: Do you do the procedure on the same day as consultation?
A: You’ll have the consultation and the training in how to use the product, using a test pen and test pad. We will also provide you with written guidance as to how to use the treatment pen. We will then be able to prescribe the product, which will be sent to your desired address. Reordering the following month(s), can be done through our website (you’ll be given a private link). You’ll be able to contact our medical team via email at any time to ask questions.