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Find Your Glow With Visage Aesthetics UK

We are looking for training patients to receive low-price Anti Wrinkle Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments on our courses in Central London which will be held on the 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th of May.

Founded by Dr. Michael Aicken, Visage Aesthetics offer training in Aesthetic Injectables administration to professionals via the ‘Visage Academy’

Supervision and teaching on the course is with Dr Michael Aicken who has 10 years experience in the use of Anti Wrinkle Toxin and Fillers. Dr Aicken has been training other professionals for 8 years in London and Belfast.

The Visage Academy Diploma offers a chance to receive treatment at discounted prices…

As the syllabus calls for a ‘stimulated clinic’ with real patients, we are looking for those interested in receiving low-cost treatment as part of our training course. We also offer a referral system – if you refer a colleague/friend to us, you will both receive a £20 M&S Voucher.

Price difference:
£40 / area Anti-wrinkle Toxin
£80 / ml filler

  • For comparison a private appointment with Dr Aicken in east Belfast would be £190 for 1 or 2 areas Anti Wrinkle Toxin, £285 for 3 areas Anti-wrinkle Toxin. Filler: £300 for 1st ml, £200 / ml thereafter in same consultation.

Gerardine’s Story


Ruth and Mike are amazing, kind, caring and very approachable. They have always made me feel welcome and from the very start they reduced any anxiety I had about having the procedures. Now I have complete faith and trust in Visage – their professionalism, their vision and the services they provide. I with them every success.

Gina’s Story

Dr Aicken and Ruth Aicken, are familiar with me as a patient and I feel comfortable asking for their advice and guidance on procedures I should have. My hang ups about my jawline and face shape where taken seriously and I felt I was consulted and advised appropriately for what would be best for me and not the trainee’s on the course. Another positive to note is that both Ruth and Michael talk through each treatment with you. What you expect from results, what you are trying to achieve and if it really is realistic, or in fact required.


Kelly’s Story


I had Anti Wrinkle Toxin in two areas as well as fillers to the cheeks and nasolabial areas and I could not have been happier with the result. The treatments take longer than you’d usually spend in a clinic, however the time is compensated by the incredibly good value. I was so happy that I referred a friend, who has since had lip fillers with which she is also delighted. As a thank you for my referrals, I was sent M&S vouchers, which were exchanged for shoes. I think in the end I calculated that what would have usually cost me about £1,200, was closer to £200 and I got a pair of party shoes, as well as looking 10 years younger. I will be back.


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