The New Short-Acting Eye-Bag treatments, “Hollywood Eye Magic” & “Instantly Ageless”

As an established Aesthetics business, we typically get approached early on in a new wave of Aesthetic breakthrough and are often asked to be distributers of the new products

Around a year ago we were asked by a distributer of Hollywood Eye Magic. I personally felt that, although I wasn’t sold on their sales and marketing strategy, I wanted to get my hands on some of the Hollywood Magic serum to see the product in action for myself.

The orange serum arrived in a tiny sample pack along with some instructions for use. The undereye bag should we wiped clean and allowed to dry. The product should then be massaged in a very particular way for a very specific length of time (around 90 seconds) before allowing it to dry in. I have to say that the results were shockingly impressive. I saw the difference on myself and the results were even more impressive when I tried it out at a few older family members at a get-together a few days later.

Downsides of the Hollywood Eye Magic were for me:

  1. Pyramid marketing – When I asserted that their system was essentially pyramid marketing they told me that it wasn’t then proceeded to detail how I could earn commissions by recruiting other recruiters who could in turn, recruit more recruiters, each giving me a % of their commission
  2. Price – I think it’s £70 for a bottle – which might last a year, so not too expensive overall, but maybe too expensive for someone wanting to just give it a go to see how they get on
  3. The appearance of the eye-bags in any position other than eyes completely open. Let me explain further. Once you apply the Hollywood Eye serum you’ll notice that it feels like you have put glue on your skin. Once dried, this “glue” does greatly reduce the appearance of lines and bags beneath the eyes but (and you don’t see this when you watch the demo videos as they don’t demonstrate this part – for obvious reasons!) when you smile or squint your eyes in conversation you’ll notice that the area that has been treated becomes filled with larger wrinkles than you had before. If this happens to you – don’t panic – it’s only a very short-acting treatment and can be washed off with water in just a few minutes.

I was prompted to post about these products today as I received via facebook, information about a new product for under wrinkles and eyebags which again caught my attention – “Instantly Ageless”. Take a look at the video demonstration below

Pretty great right? As far as we’re aware, these little tubes that can be used 3-5 times will cost around £9.

So, my issues with the aforementioned product have all been quashed. This product, although it seems similar to Hollywood Eye Magic does allow me to relinquish the concerns I had, i.e.

  1. No pyramid marketing
  2. Affordable starting price
  3. No weird wrinkles – there don’t seem to be any in the video above whenever the volunteer smiles.

Although I have yet to try this out for myself – the sample is on it’s way to me!

We don’t yet sell Instantly Ageless but, if we did, would you want to try it out? If so, pop your details into this form (simply name and email address). If we ever do start selling we can let you know.

We’ve also added in an optional question on the form so that we can get feedback from anyone who has used either of the products mentioned above.

“Have you had any good or bad experiences with either ‘Hollywood Eye Magic’ or ‘Instantly Ageless’ yourself?”