Research Shows 1 in 4 Men Having Dermal Fillers

In an Aesthetic world targeting mainly women, the results of this survey conducted for intraline and published in the Harley Street Journal should be an eye opener for anyone with an Aesthetic Business.

“Survey results showed that 18 per cent of the UK population would consider using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for a number of reasons such as to stay youthful, remain competitive at work and to compliment weight loss.

Until now, 90% of all aesthetic procedures have been carried out on women, however, Intraline’s research found that UK men are bucking the trend with 1 in 4 of male survey respondents having dermal fillers to reward themselves.”

The male market for botox and filler is certainly appearing to be on the increase and in an ever crowding market of Aesthetic Clinicians holds great potential for those Clinicians willing to offer a more male friendly environment in their clinics and advertising.


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Original Source: Harley Street Journal