Foundation Course – Online ‘Recap’

Fancy a recap on the Visage Academy Foundation Course?

It’s ok if you couldn’t take it all in – or you did take it all in but it has fallen out again!

Receive a one-year subscription to the Foundation Course online modules for £100 + VAT (£120).


Want a bit more info, to boost your knowledge and get some more verifiable CPD time logged? Had a nightmare with Botox top-ups or lumpy lips and want to figure out where it all went wrong? Maybe you’d like access to the Advanced Course online modules? A one-year subscription to the Advanced Course online modules is £100 + VAT (£120).

OR get a year’s access to both for £150+VAT (£180).

You can read about the course content for each at before making a decision, then to gain access to one or the other or both, select from the list below and pay with PayPal.

Options (prices include VAT and grant access for 365 days)