Potential Licensing Scheme Update

Further steps are in the pipeline to be developed by our government to make cosmetic procedures safer for clients. At Visage Aesthetics we are very happy to see this announcement to aesthetics licensing. Although the next stages are likely to take years to come into force, we at Visage Academy will keep all of our previous trainees up to date with what they need to know when the time comes.

I’d encourage anyone interested in starting a career in aesthetics or already practicing aesthetics to keep an eye on these licensing updates as they trickle through. What we expect is that all practitioners at some point in the future will have to take a test to show that they are safe and competent practitioners. This is likely to take on a similar format to a driving test. In the past, if you could buy a car, you were allowed to drive it. That’s the situation we’re currently in with aesthetics. We welcome a licensing procedure and are not concerned that it will disadvantage anyone who is already a safe and competent practitioner.

At Visage Academy, we teach our trainees how to manage complications and trouble shoot side effects, including how to discuss these with clients as part of the process of gaining informed consent. So our trainees should have no difficulty, when the time comes, in demonstrating their competency. And if when the time comes, anyone does want to recap on their knowledge, we’ll provide support for the process of refreshing knowledge and making sure it’s up to date.

You can read additional information on the update to licensing and potential changes here on Save Face website:

Industry update: Health and Care Bill (Potential Licensing Scheme)

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A personal statement from Dr. Michael David Aicken

Founder and Lead Clinician of Visage Academy