Mid-face Rejuvenation

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This week in Aesthetics Journal there has been a detailed and comprehensive review of just how Aesthetic Clinicians should approach the mid face. The mid face provides its own unique set of challenges when it comes to augmentation, you are relying on much deeper injections, landmarks that are more difficult to find and often these skills are not taught on basic courses that only deal with the classic 3 areas of botox and some basic filler techniques.

In the article the authors go into detail regarding the root causes of the aging changes that we see on the mid face and the impact these have on the lower face. Knowing what changes occur naturally as we age allows us to better plan treatments and more importantly understand why we are giving treatments rather than just following a know recipe for success.

I would highly recommend reading the article which is available for free after registering with Aesthetics and accredited for CPD points – aestheticsjournal.com/cpd/module/mid-face-rejuvenation (By Anna Baker and Mr Dalvi Humzah – 6th May 2016)

To compliment this article I have also linked a video from ourselves at visage academy that Dr Michael Aicken has produced to explain how to perform cheek augmentation with Dermal Revolution DEEP

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