Jowls be gone!

What to do when you’re not happy with that looser jawline

Many people are happy with their wrinkles and skin tone until they hit their 40s or lose some weight. At this point, a loosening jawline can start to appear. This looser jawline or ‘jowls’, can change the contour of the face and have an ageing effect. Here at East London Clinic, we can improve this using two different options. Read on to see examples of Dermal Filler and Aqualyx / Deso being used to improve the jawline & jowls.

Dermal Filler (left): the amount needed is normally 1-4 ml, priced at £230, £330, £430, £530 for 1-4ml. It lasts around 9-12 months. Here’s a good example that one of our students achieved on our Jawline masterclass with Doctor Michael Aicken, recently, using just 1ml of Dermal Revolution DEEP.

Aqualyx (below): The cost is £250 for one treatment but sometimes more than one treatment is needed, spaced out by 4-6 weeks. Results can be permanent if no additional weight is gained afterwards. In this example, the client was treated with 1 vial of Aqualyx.

Both outcomes were really successful and you can achieve these same life-changing results for yourself, by booking into our East London Clinic (request an appointment by calling or Texting Ruth on 07545787138.

Why not learn how to achieve these results for your own clients, by booking on to one or both of our advanced training courses:

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