Jawline/Chin: Non-Surgical Options using Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler

There are a few options here – typically a combination of the following is chosen to suit an individual’s needs.

  1. Injections of dermal filler along the full jawline, the chin and the marionettes folds, to improve the contour of the jawline (mandibulo-cervical angle) and bring forward a chin that sits too far back
  2. Injections focussing on the front of the jawbone only, with an aim to improve the appearance of the jowl area by placing filler behind and in front of the jowl
  3. Botulinum Toxin, injected into the platysmal bands, to soften their effect on the overlying skin (see below)

In this example, injections of dermal filler were used (0.4ml each side) to improve the appearance of the jowl

Jawline sharpening using just 1ml Dermal Revolution DEEP.

Thank you so much Michael… You came very highly recommended!! My contact said you were an artist and I haven’t been disappointed… What they didn’t tell me was how knowledgeable you were and the length of time you took was unmeasured I felt totally safe!!! and the result is transforming, everyone telling me I look so well… and I have gained a lot of confidence thanks to you


Jawline (Platysmal Bands)

Platysmal Bands are what we treat with Botulinum Toxin in order to sharpen the jawline.

The treatment isn’t for everyone, as a loss of jawline can be caused by other things such as fat and loose skin.

There are however some patients who sadly develop a loss of jawline because of the tenting effect of the rope-like platysmal bands on the overlying skin.

platysmal bands before and after

Patients can usually demonstrate this effect best by pulling down the corners of their mouth or saying certain syllables*. Over time this effect increases, even at rest.

Merz Aesthetics (manufacturers of Boucouture and Belotero) have developed this scale for platysmal bands.

To the right, you can see one of our own patients who has kindly agreed for the images to be used here. Significantly, this patient had only one platysmal band contributing to her main complaint – the other 3 (usually there are two on each side) weren’t as much of an issue, although we may go back and treat them all next time around (3-6 months).

*In Northern Ireland the best syllable I’ve found for this is the ‘kay’ in the word ‘kayak’. In the southern states of the USA, the word “can’t” works just as well! (see below)