Can my Client on Immunosuppressants get Aesthetic Treatments?!

We have the general day-to-day Q&A’s as practitioners, prime example being “I’m pregnant, is it safe for me to have anti-wrinkle treatment?” but then every so often we stumble upon clients in slightly more rare circumstances and it’s why we have a thriving practitioners group on Facebook where expert opinions, advice and knowledge is shared from practitioner to fellow practitioners.

Recently someone posted the following question:

Can a patient on immunosuppresants for a kidney transplant, receive anti-wrinkle injections and/or filler?

We think this answer to this case, although rare, is something that is worth sharing outside of the group, so here it is!

The issue with this clients situation is that they are on immunosuppressants to stop their body rejecting the transplanted kidney. From the outset we know anti wrinkle injections isn’t an issue – we don’t think many practitioners would disagree with that.

However, Dermal Filler treatment is potentially an issue as it remains in the body for 6-18 months, depending on the product and the area injected. If an infection develops with filler, it can be tricky to treat, requiring several strong antibiotics for a long period. Filler infection is fairly rare, but I  have seen it twice and it can be difficult for the patient to cope with because of the side effects to the antibiotics and due to the fact that the face gets inflamed which can’t be covered up.

Being on an immunosuppressant makes it more likely that they could get an infection.

So in summary, we say yes to anti-wrinkle injections and maybe to filler

As a practitioner it’s essential to give a maybe as long as the client understands the risks and you document that you have discussed all of the above with them – and preferably if you have access to a prescriber who could prescribe antibiotics if needed.

The guidance on the above question was provided by Visage Academy trainer, Dr Michael Aicken. 

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NOTE: This is the answer that Dr Michael Aicken gave recently when asked the question “Can a patient on immunosuppressants for a kidney transplant, receive Anti-wrinkle injections and/or filler?” The answer given here is an opinion from our trainer, Dr Michael Aicken.

If you feel that this advice is incorrect in part or full, please feel free to let us know on [email protected]