Some Common Misconceptions About Aesthetic Injectables (Part 3): I Don’t Want A Trout Pout!

Ruth Aicken

One more first-timer misconception to mention here is about deciding whether or not to try lip filler injections. It’s important to enhance with small doses and return after a few weeks if you decide to go bigger. But it’s a common fear that you’ll get a ‘trout pout’, ‘sausage lips’ or just lumps and bumps that won’t go away afterwards.

1ml is the standard starting point and it’s rare that 1ml can enhance a lip so much that a client will think it’s too much. In fact, many clients who opt for a half ml initially, say that they preferred the look of their lips for the first two-three days after receiving the lip filler, before the initial swelling had subsided, making them regret not getting a full ml.

It is so important however, that your practitioner is well trained in using lip filler. Lips can go wrong very fast with untrained hands. Filler placement and post-injection moulding both need to be targeted and accurate so as to avoid ‘sausage lips’ (where the filler comes out too far to the edges of the mouth), ‘duck lips’ (where the top lip is bigger than the bottom) or the dreaded ‘trout pout’ (where the lips look out of proportion with the rest of the face). On Visage Academy we are fairly militant in our teaching about these to ensure that our trainees know how to avoid them!

When making injectable decisions it’s important, like with everything, to do your homework. Looking at what results your practitioner has been getting – do they post their results somewhere where you can take a look? Do they have a portfolio of before and after pics on their website or on social media? Have they been recommended by a friend? Does that friend have a trout pout? 😉

But once you’ve done your research, be brave and take a leap of faith if you know that it’s something you want. Although better to get it right in the first place, dermal filler (hyaluronic acid gel) such as Dermal Revolution, can be dissolved away if you do end up regretting the outcome.

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