Some Common Misconceptions About Aesthetic Injectables (Part 2): I Still Want To Look Like Me!

Ruth Aicken

Another common misconception with some first timers considering embarking upon a journey into aesthetic injectables, is that they think that if they allow even one treatment to their face, their face shape will entirely change and they will immediately start to morph into something unrecognisable or melt away when exposed to sunlight!

Fortunately, the over-the-top look doesn’t tend to be something that happens all-of-a-sudden, it takes some commitment, a series of bad choices and a lot of money. It just isn’t likely after one tastefully delivered treatment.  With dermal filler administered by expert hands, you’ll still look like you, but a slightly fresher version. Click on this image below to see some examples of dermal filler applied subtly to the tear troughs (lines under the eyes).

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