Breakthrough: Botox-style injections ban for under-18s in England

Did you read today’s BBC article “Botox-style injections and lip filler ban for under-18s in England”

At Visage Aesthetics, we are very happy to hear this new law passed, to prevent the treatment of children with Botox and dermal filler. This is the first step of many, for us to protect patients from the dangers of unsafe practitioners, whether they are unsafe due to their lack of skill or knowledge or unsafe due to their lack of a code of ethics. In the future, I hope to see a national licensing process for non-surgical aesthetics, similar to what we have with driving, which keeps us safe on our roads. But for now, we should celebrate this first success.

A personal statement from Dr. Michael Aicken

Founder and Lead Clinician of Visage Academy

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