Body positvity and the Aesthetic Industry

Usually the words ‘body positivity’ and ‘self-love’ don’t come into the same conversation when discussing cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments. There are many articles telling women to love what they see in the mirror, but that comes with judgement, ‘if you don’t love what you see, and if you do something about that, you’re not authentic’. This stigma revolving around plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments usually holds women back from doing what they want with their own bodies. This should not be the case, loving yourself means doing want you want even if it means going against convention. You can still be confident in your own skin and undergo aesthetic treatments and explore cosmetic options, whether that be colouring your hair or getting lip injections – both choices stem from wanting to enhance your natural features. At Visage Aesthetics we believe getting cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic treatments are wonderful, they can be extremely powerful and transformative in helping people view themselves in a better light. Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and you are only doing it for you. I will finish this blog post with saying, don’t worry about other’s opinions, as your cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatment was not done to receive others validation. What you choose to do with your body is completely your choice and you should love yourself as well as your choices.