Anti-wrinkle Toxin & Dermal Filler (before & after photos)

Here are some examples of the treatments available with Visage Aesthetics UK.

Most patients are treated with a combination of Advanced Anti-wrinkle Toxin and Advanced Dermal Filler techniques to produce the best results without surgery. None of these patients have had plastic surgery.

Effects are long-lasting but not permanent. Results may vary between patients as each individual is unique.

Our Doctors are locally based, and all patients are followed up a few weeks after treatment.


Antiwrinkle injections, £95/area. Areas include forehead, frown and crows’ feet, bunny lines, poppy chin, under eyes. Minimum of £190 per treatment session (two areas).

Dermal filler: £230/ml for nasolabial (nose-to-mouth) lines, marionette lines (mouth corners), lipstick lines, fine lines, lips, cheeks, jawline, chin.