The 5 Golden Rules When Becoming a Prescriber

Are you a medic considering becoming a prescriber of Botox for a non-medic Aesthetician?

Maybe you’ve been approached by someone to prescribe for them, or you simply think it would be a good use of your time. Could this be the next step to take in your career in Aesthetics?

With all that said, at Visage Aesthetics we love to resource and equip you in all areas of the Aesthetic industry and so we’ve shared the five golden rules you need when being a prescriber.

ONE: Define the how, when and the cost involved when seeing one single patient AND a group of X number of patients.

TWO: Advise on your role with the patient, in the partnership

  • Check the patients past medical history
  • Give them impartial advice on possible botox/filler treatments and later prescribe botox/filler for them on request (define how you would like the request).
  • Define who’s pharmacy account you’ll be ordering from. We recommend that the practitioner you’re prescribing on behalf of sets up their own pharmacy account, meaning you just need to sign the prescriber part of the form and you don’t have any financial responsibility for them not being able to pay for an order.

THREE: Define your understanding of their role

  • Get their patients to complete a past medical history form which has been previous agreed by both yourself and the prescriber. (Flourish could come in handy here)
  • Advise whether you expect the patient to pay you directly for the appointment or pay them and they in turn pay you. Think – if it is their risk (e.g. “I trust her, she’ll definitely show up for this appointment”) question why you are taking the financial risk of being there and not being paid. No-one gets an appointment with us in any clinic, private or training, without paying a £50 booking fee.

FOUR: Define what happens if there is a problem

We generally are very hands on with any little problem new clinics have in the beginning, as they’ll learn fast or they may already know more than you. Gauge after chatting to them what their experience is and be honest about your own experience (or lack of).

FIVE: Don’t forget the following in your contract

Stress the issue that they “must not use Botox on a patient who has not already had a face-to-face consultation with the prescriber (you) as per the GMC/GDC guidelines“. This is the sentence in the contract that you may need to get out of jail someday!