4 Sisters Get Photographed Yearly for 40 Years

This is our first guest blog post. Today it comes from Ruth & Rebekah of Lines & Current

Ruth works in Visage along with her husband Dr Michael Aicken as well as being a musician and mother. Rebekah Johanson is Ruth’s identical twin sister who is also a mother and product developer.

Last week a photo-series went viral online. It chronicles four sisters who have just taken their 40th yearly picture together. This gives a unique opportunity to observe the ageing process in four different faces without resorting to computer simulations or artists’ impressions. We asked Lines & Currents for their thoughts…

Ruth: I’ve seen women of all ages attend aesthetic clinics with us at Visage Academy and Visage Aesthetics. My rule of thumb is that I don’t think women ever need aesthetic injectables — they are just available if someone wants them. It is such a personal preference. Someone might fixate on a particular area of their face (or even their body) for their entire life – these four sisters demonstrate to us that ageing happens and it isn’t something we should shy away from. That said, it is interesting to look at this series through the eyes of someone who spends a lot of time discussing aesthetic injectables with clients.

Bloggers have already commented on the fact that all four sisters, but especially sister #3 across, aged significantly between 1986 and 1987. At Visage we have seen this type of rapid ageing before; typically as a result of a massive life-stress such as the death of a parent. It’s possible too that sister #3, possibly the oldest sibling, may have shouldered a higher portion of stress during this experience resulting in her ageing most significantly in that period. It’s worth pointing out here that this rapid ageing definitely reverses in the next few images. As well as aesthetic injectables, simply relaxing, unwinding and rehydrating can have a positive affect on your skin texture.

Of course, you’ll notice for all four gorgeous ladies, the various aspects of facial ageing which can be targeted by aesthetic injectable techniques, such as brow drooping (chemical eyebrow lift with botox), mouth corner drooping (botox to the depressor muscles at the mouth corners – my favourite treatment and filler to replace lost volume) and the formation of the “11”s between the eyebrows which we all know can be treated effectively with botox.

Rebekah: I find this type of photographic art totally intriguing. Their commitment to look straight into the camera lens for most of the photos was the first thing to strike me as interesting and kind of led me to believe they were accepting of their growing older – not ashamed – an “I am what I am” attitude.

“Real beauty comes from deep within” is the ringing truth as I scroll through the 40 black-and-white captures. There is no doubt the first photo of 1975 displays four naturally beautiful and youthful sisters, and as they courageously allow the viewer to examine their deepening lines, weightier brows and changing bodies, I am struck by their embrace of each other. Their grip is often tight or sometimes they stand more distant, but I was fascinated by the resonating sense of love that was somehow communicated throughout every. single. picture. In the final pictures- up to present, we notice their tighter embrace which may point to their tighter embrace and acceptance of them growing older. Let’s face it, no amount of botox or fillers are going to turn back the hands of time 40 years. That’s not to say it is wrong to make such an attempt, or that these woman have never partaken (although I would find it doubtful), but it may be from that place of acceptance rather than striving for a ‘miracle fix’ that these procedures may work best at enhancing what’s already there. Conventional/youthful “beauty” fades, but the type of beauty that transcends the wrinkling exterior should be our aspiration and I think these four brave sisters demonstrate this so gracefully.